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Photos and reactions from readers of The Wakeful Wanderer's Guide Book 1

K Infantinos Copy of The Wakeful Wanderers Guide

"So psyched to dig into this! (And before you ask, we may be related but we’re not sure how. We definitely left Africa around the same time and our ancestors probably had a hand in wiping out those hippie Neanderthal. Perhaps Palermo...)" - K. Infantino

LoMa reads the Wakeful Wanderer in bed

LoMa enjoys a relaxing read. Go LoMa!

Oscar looks interested

I really enjoyed this, and am now sad it's over (but looking forward to the rest of the series). There are lots of moving parts here, many (groups of) characters, and some Big Concepts. But that's only appropriate for a Wakeful Wanderer. Takes a while to settle into all that's happening and pick up on the tech and the associated terminology, but it's well worth it. Jim's a skilled songwriter, and for a debut novel, this definitely kept the attention of this picky reader. - Amy M.

JJDavis copy of The Wakeful Wanderers Guide

I’m not the only one excited to finally have a copy of JIM INFANTINO’s first science fiction novel. 😀👍🏻

Wakeful Wanderer in a nice pile of books

The latest shipment of additions to Mount #TBR have arrived. An Irving novel I've been meaning to get around to for a while, plus a trio of SF goodies from @brettsavory, @kellyoyo and @jiminfantino. #amreading

David Wilcox copy on drum head

I’m only halfway through this novel, and it’s already changing the way I see the world. I have loved Jim Infantino‘s music for a long time. Now I get to enjoy the interiority of his imagination.

  • The Mr. David Wilcox
Benari Lee

Just wanted to say, I finished the book and it’s great. It had a cool William Gibson  vibe, or like upbeat Harlan Ellison meets grumpy Douglas Adams. Such a cool world you’ve crafted and a great conceit of the travel log. I love the simplicity of thexting and a post-capitalism point - based economy of merit.   Really enjoyed it, looking forward to wherever you go with it. - @BenariLee

ben burnes copy of the Wakeful Wanderers Guide

"So cool that I can hold a physical copy of @jiminfantino's book after so much toil on his part. Congrats buddy! Really enjoyed watching this come together and looking forward to reading it as a whole :D" - @ben_burnes

Scott KA copy of The Wakeful Wanderers Guide

"Yay! I got my print copy of @jiminfantino's fab book. Doesn't it look good? Wouldn't you like one?" - @ScottKAndrews

jean gets her copy of the Wakeful Wanderers Guide

"someone got their copy in today’s post. great to hold the paperback, visionary cyber hippiedom notwithstanding. congrats again, Jim." - JMB

Outdoor reading of The Wakeful Wanderers Guide

"The Wakeful Wanderer's Guide To New New England & Beyond is the best post-apocalyptic, cyber-hippie travelogue evah!" - PR

Toms copy of The Wakeful Wanderers Guide

The first shot in an airport! Tom reads!

Lyndas copy of The Wakeful Wanderers Guide

Lynda has a copy!

Cosmos copy of The Wakeful Wanderers Guide

Cosmo reads!

amy m copy of Wakeful Wanderers Guide

"Ok Jim, let's do this!" - AmyM

Kathleens copy of The Wakeful Wanderers Guide

Kathleen gets her copy!

Early copy of The Wakeful Wanderers Guide

Early copy with sub-optimal margins - now corrected.

Copy of The Wakeful Wanderers Guide with fixed margins

Margins fixed now for future printings

Copy of The Wakeful Wanderers Guide on coffeetable

Corrected margins version - fixed for future copies.

Cover of Wakeful Wanderers Guide

"You managed to create a compelling alternate universe and transport the reader there. And like all the best sci-fi and fantasy, traveling into your world makes us see our own a little clearer from a way we didn't expect." - Sylvan Groth

Loving the book so far! My family has long time followed your music and flash videos -- saw you once, live, in Pt. Townsend, WA (2006).

I posted a photo on your Facebook -- I suspect we (Cap'n Crabby, Admiral Niki, Bosum Bumkin the ship's 🐈) are your first readers in Tunisia, where we are overwintering on s/v Grateful. - Niki

Fish Phillips copy of The Wakeful Wanderers Guide novel bookcover on table

The first book from @jiminfantino has arrived as I continue to support fellow #indieauthors #WritingCommnunity - Fish Phillips @TheFishPhillips

Breakfast and a book

If you’re ever in Orleans eat at Whisks! Enjoying your book on my journey thru  the cape. - R.K.

Adam Schartoff with Wakeful Wanderer book

The inimitable Adam Schartoff get's his copy at last!

Wakeful Wanderer paperback at the beach

Cara takes her copy to the beach.

Wakeful Wanderer 1 on pile of books

Recently completed: by my friend @jiminfantino who thankfully is writing book 2. Fantastic future fiction, great story, inventive, thought provoking.

Finished while on vacation in Oregon where I was wakeful wandering myself. Perfect setting. - @clgeiger01834